Partnering with MADi to build an international brand.

5 Oct, 2018
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Partnering with MADi to build an international brand.


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MADi, manufacturer of affordable modular homes, today announced the appointment of digital services consultancy RXP Group as its marketing and technology partner ahead of the company’s global launch.

MADi are innovative homes which unfold to provide an affordable high-quality living space quickly and easily. Homes can be assembled in just six hours and are eco-friendly, earthquake resistant and modular by design, with a one bedroom home starting from USD$39,000 up to USD$99,000 for a three bedroom unit. 

RXP Group was selected by MADi to design and implement a complete digital ecosystem, including a new core CRM platform, new website and digital commerce platform, service management, data analytics and visualisation. In addition the RXP Group will deliver an integrated approach to MADi’s marketing needs including branding, creative, digital marketing and social media.

MADi CEO Chris Williams, said: “As we embark on the global launch of MADi we wanted a partner with cohesive expertise across marketing and enterprise technology to grow the brand and deliver exceptional customer experiences. RXP Group is perfectly positioned with its experience in strategic brand and creative and its ability to leverage digital technologies to transform businesses. The relationship between MADi and RXP goes beyond the traditional client/supplier arrangement, they are our partners in business that will provide fully managed services for us.”

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RXP Group is one of Australia’s largest ASX listed digital consultancies, working across offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and Hong Kong. It operates seven practice groups delivering high level services for tier one clients, including branding, creative, user experience, design, data analytics, CRM and workforce enablement.

Ross Fielding, CEO of RXP added: “RXP is delighted to have been selected by MADi to help build an international brand with its innovative affordable homes by leveraging our end-to-end delivery of digital, technology and marketing services. It is an exciting venture and a recognition of the level of integration we have achieved with The Works into RXP in a relatively short time.”

 MADi homes were designed by Italian architect Renato Vidali and the company was acquired by Australian entrepreneur Williams earlier this year.

About MADi

MADi is an innovative modular home that unfolds to provide an affordable, high-quality living space quickly and easily. MADi is able to create safe and cosy spaces which can grow, move or change with customer needs.