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How a partnership with RXP makes it easy to implement your digital platform strategy

4 Sep, 2017
3 Min Read Dan Ward

How a partnership with RXP makes it easy to implement your digital platform strategy


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In this era of digital business, your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Management System (CMS) strategy is no longer an optional extra, it’s an essential component of your marketing mix. As customers replace an increasing number of their offline shopping habits with online analogues, businesses are scrambling to fit each piece of the puzzle together for an end-to-end view of how the digital consumer behaves.

In this blog, we’ll look at what sets RXP apart from the competition when it comes to digital platform strategy development, integration and management, and how we can help you engage with your customers in a more profound way.

We don’t outsource – partnering with RXP gives you access to our team of digital platform experts

A surprising number of businesses that market themselves as digital platform experts have no in-house expertise – at best, they’re masters of outsourcing. Too often, this results in subpar implementation, misunderstanding between client and provider, and, ultimately, a failed digital platform strategy. Partnering with RXP gives you access to our team of in-house experts, who are involved in your implementation from the beginning. And, once your platform strategy has been implemented to your satisfaction, you can call on us for support whenever you need it.

We approach our clients from all angles – business, operations and technology

No business is an island, as the old saying goes, and being aware of this is critical when implementing a digital platform strategy. RXP treats each of its clients on their own merits, taking into account the context in which they operate, the nature of their business, and the technological solution they require. While other providers might try to sell you on features you don’t need to make a quick buck, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that are a perfect fit for your requirements.

We deliver a scalable solution that evolves alongside your business

A key feature of a digital platform strategy is that it should be able to expand or contract as your business dictates. Businesses aren’t static entities, and neither should your digital platform strategy be. At RXP, we believe that flexibility is a key feature of a successful digital platform strategy. As such, we ensure that all our implementations are agile enough to scale with your business, no matter what it takes.

RXP delivers enterprise software applications for cloud and on-premise environments across a range of leading platforms and technologies. We implement leading digital delivery platforms, such as Sitecore, to drive customer experiences. We’re able to leverage end-to-end digital ecosystems to build lasting and meaningful customer relationships. With a deep business, functional and technical team, we are able to help our clients architect and deliver scalable and integrated platforms.
To find out more about how RXP can help you, feel free to contact us at any time.

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